General Sizing

Sizing for T-Line (Training) and S-Line (Supporters) Gear

Tahi endeavours to make our garments so they fit properly.  However we also know that each company has slight variations on how there garments fit.  That's why we have only one mantra when it comes to making sure you order the right size for you:


Getting the right size.
Whilst we recommend size ranges for our shirts, we also know that people are different and want to wear their clothes in the way they want to. That’s why we have put together as full a description of the fit of our products as possible.
Listed in the chart below you will see our recommended size range.  In addition, to the chart itself, we show in the picture what each of the items look like when worn.  We very strongly recommend that you measure your players and/or self as per the diagram shown at the bottom of the page, before choosing your sizes.