We know that selecting, designing, adding logos and ordering team uniforms is not an easy task and one that is rarely appreciated except for by those that have gone through it.

Tahi wants to make the process getting your team in great uniforms simple and easy. Our FAQ section is here to help answer a lot those questions.

We also want to hear from you our customers about how we can improve our service and our product. email elton@tahiteamwear.com with questions, comments and suggestions.

We believe in play united as the driver of teams on the field and in our offices, this is what powers Tahi and our customers.

Tahi Product Info FAQ

What types of fabric does Tahi use?

Tahi uses a range of fabrics hand selected for each product, and we label as “Cool Tech”. For Tahi, Cool Tech defines a series of performance criteria that we demand from our fabrics. The exact specifications vary from product to product and sport to sport. For the specifications of any of our Cool Tech fabrics, please contact Tahi@tahiteamwear.com

Where are Tahi products made?

Tahi has a global supply chain, from the US, to Italy to China. Tahi products are made in facilities that are best suited to manufacturing with our performance fabrics. Tahi regularly audits all of its production base to ensure that it meets our demanding standards across a broad range of compliance categories.

What is sublimation?

Sublimation is a process of bonding ink to fabric using heat. This process yields brilliant colors that won’t fade, crack or peel.

What is the fit of Tahi products?

Getting the right fit is crucial for getting your team looking good. Always check our sizing page when getting your customers to select sizes. If you have any questions on sizing, contact Tahi@tahiteamwear.com

What sports does Tahi make uniforms for?

Tahi currently has products for Rugby along with Training Wear, Spirit and Supporters wear.

What are Tahi’s different product lines?

Tahi uniforms are available in Elite-Pro, Elite & Premier lines.  Each line differs by the features of the products.  Elite-Pro is our top of line range, then comes Elite and Premier is our base line of products. We also offer custom training products in T-Line and S-Line for spirit/supporters/travel wear.

Are Tahi products sanctioned by all athletic conferences?

Tahi uniforms are compliant with most athletic conferences. We say most because we do not have specific details from all conferences. We expect that our resellers and their customers be aware of any specific requirement for logos or any technical requirement from the conference. If you let us know the specifics, then we will advise you if our products are compliant with those regulations.

What is Complete the Look?

Our S-Line & T-Line products allow teams to complete the look of their team uniform. This program includes a wide range of products allowing teams to keep a consistent color theme throughout their playing, practicing, traveling and supporters products.

Design & Logo’s FAQ

How many different designs does Tahi offer?

Tahi offers an extensive line of designs for all of our products. Designs can be found in the design library or on the uniform designer. If you have another design in mind, Tahi’s custom design program “Tahi Originals” is a great solution.

Can I get a completely new custom design from Tahi?

Yes Tahi’s unique design program Tahi Originals offer our you the opportunity to create a completely custom design for your team. There is a fee for this service but it is waived on orders above US$ 2,500.

What Colors are available on sublimated products?

Tahi offers a massive range of colors on our sublimated products. If you can define the color as a Pantone Solid Color Reference code, we should be able to put it on your sublimated product. Check with our design team on specific colors.

Where can logos be put on Tahi products?

Logos can be applied almost anywhere on Tahi products. We have defined typical logo placement areas on most Tahi products. If you would like the logo applied to another location, you will need to advise the design team.

Is there a charge for putting logos on Tahi products?

This is a yes/no answer. On Tahi sublimated products, there is no additional charge for putting as many logos as you like on the product. This is contingent on you providing High Resolution or Vector Logo Files, if not, a charge will be apply for upgrading your logo file to a printable level. On Tahi non-sublimated products, a charge is applied for each logo that is put on the garment.

What type of file do I need to provide for a logo?

Each logo must be provided as one of the following file types: high resolution 300dpi or higher JPEG, Vector, AI or PDF. The Tahi design team can check your logo to see if it meets our minimum standards. Any logo submitted that does not meet the minimum standard will not be printed. It will need to be upgraded by Tahi Logo Services or re submitted by you.

What types of logo application does Tahi offer?

Logos can be applied to Tahi products in the following formats: embroidery, screen print and direct to garment printing. There is an additional fee for these logo applications.

On sublimated products, the logo & design are printed at the same time. Logo Sublimation is not available on non-sublimated products.

What is Tahi Logo Service?

Tahi Logo Service is for our customers who are unable to provide high resolution logos. Our design team will rebuild your logo to a “printable” format. We will keep a copy of your logo on file and if requested we will send you a copy. This service costs US$65-150 per logo depending on level of detail.

Can I make changes to my logo through the Tahi Logo Service?

Yes but to a degree, this service is designed to rebuild your logo as a higher resolution printable file. Tahi Logo Service is also available to make color changes to a logo, but not for changing the design of the logo itself. Please note this service typically costs between US$100 to US$175 per logo.

Can Tahi design a new logo for my customer?

No, Tahi does not design logos for our customers. If you require a new logo/club crest we suggest that you look for a designer. We recommend seeing their previous work to ensure you like their style.

Ordering, Delivery, Warranty & Returns FAQ’s

Is there a delivery charge?

There is no delivery charge on Tahi orders.

How do I make payment?

Once an order is confirmed, Tahi will issue you with an invoice by email. There will be a link on the email to allow you to settle your account by credit card or bank transfer or by PayPal. As a general rule, Tahi does not accept checks.

Will Tahi provide payment terms or finance my order?

Unfortunately Tahi will not finance orders for our customers or resellers. All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery.

Can I change my order after it is submitted?

No, once an order has been submitted and confirmed, it cannot be changed or cancelled. Tahi will always try to help whenever possible, so please contact Tahi@tahiteamwear.com and we will do our best.

What is the customers responsibility when submitting an order?

When you submit an order for production, you are confirming that all of the details of the order are correct. This includes but is not limited to right product, colors, patterns, numbers, names, sizing and any other detail of the order. Tahi will make exactly what is on the order documents.

What is Tahi’s responsibility when an order is submitted?

Tahi reviews each order that is submitted to ensure that all components of the order are included. If there are any questions with what has been submitted, a member of the Tahi Support team will contact you. If there are no questions, then Tahi will issue an invoice for your order. Tahi does not check the spelling of names or if numbers are correct or the right sizes have been ordered. Tahi will make exactly what is on the order documents.

When is an order in production?

An order is in production once it is sent to Tahi by the customer. After we receive the order we will review it to make sure it is complete. We will only send an order back if something if missing or we have questions.

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Tahi MOQ for most products is 10 pieces. If you want to order less than 10 pieces, we will try and accommodate your request nut an additional fee will be applied.

How should I handle additional pieces of 1’s & 2’s for an order?

These need to be submitted as a new order. All effort will be made to ensure that the additional product is shipped as quickly as possible or ships with the original order. Tahi will advise delivery date after the order is placed and whether a service charge will be applied.

When will my order be delivered?

Tahi’s custom products vary in lead time from 4-6 weeks depending on the product. Your Tahi order will be delivered to your door, packaged and ready for distribution to your customer.

Does someone need to accept and sign for my order?

Your order will be inspected at the factory before shipping. Once shipped, you will receive a tracking number which will advise you of the expected delivery date. You must have someone available to sign for the order. Open and inspect the order immediately and advise Tahi if anything is incorrect at Tahi@tahiteamwear.com with “Incorrect Order” in the subject line.

I’ve been given an bill to pay from the shipping company, what should I do?

In most cases you are being given a bill for local or federal sales tax that are applicable in some states and countries. As the customer you are responsible to pay this, you will see on the invoice that we have not charged any sales tax. If you receive a bill for other items, please let us know immediately. We will arrange payment for this but we need a copy of the bill either as a picture or scan. These could be additional fees levied by customs that are discretionary.

What do I do if my order is wrong?

If your order contains items you did not order (Incorrect Items), please contact us at Tahi@tahiteamwear.com so we can fix the error and get your correct items shipped out to you. We ship all replacement orders back to you with FREE Shipping in appreciation of your business and patience with us. If we mistakenly sent the wrong item, you must return the items in new condition.

Due to the highly customized nature of our products, all our items are non-refundable but are still subject to quality guarantees. For warranty inquiries, please send an email to Tahi@tahiteamwear.com with “Warranty Issue” in the subject line. Every defective claim is subject to inspection by a returns specialist and will be replaced at no charge if deemed to be defective.

Can I exchange goods that I don’t like or need?

As stated in our Return and Warranty Policies, only items that are incorrect based on your order or have a defect covered under our Warranty Policy may be returned or replaced.

What is the Return Policy?

Go to www.tahiteamwear.com to see complete details of our Return policy

What is the Warranty Policy?

Go to www.tahiteamwear.com to see complete details of our Warranty policy

Does Tahi Teamwear keep my order on file for reorders (i.e. style, color, logos, names and numbers)?

Yes. Your prior order history including design and logos will be maintained by our Design Team so that future ordering is convenient and easy.