Design Tools

At Tahi we believe getting the uniform you want just the way you want it, to look should be as easy as we can possibly make it for you.

At Tahi, we offer three ways for you to design your customized uniform, which we have outlined below. In addition, to help you design your uniform in the way you want it, we have developed a few tools for you.  Using the menu on the left, you can go through our Tahi 6 Steps path to designing a uniform; see our range of color options and how we match your colors; see our fonts for names and numbers; and the process for adding logos.

Uniform Designer Go There Now >>
Our online uniform designer allows you to choose your gender and line and then choose a design, change the colors and names and numbers before submitting it to us to get a quote, share with your friends or download straight to your desktop. Simply click on the sport designer icons below to design your uniform.

Design Library Go There Now >>
Check out our full range designs in an easy to use library format. If you see a design you like and you would like see it in your club’s colors, then email us at and we’ll create the design for you.

Design recreation

If you have a design you already use or would like us to recreate or you have a truly unique design you would like to see come to life, then this is the service for you.  Send us your design ideas to and we'll make it happen.