Colors & Color Matching

Tahi Teamwear is committed to you having uniforms in your team colors.  We know the importance of getting your colors right, just like the stars and stripes is not just red, white and blue. In fact its 193C (Red), Pantone White and 282C (Blue).  We don’t take color lightly, that’s why we have multiple ways for you to select the colors you want.

Tahi Sublimated Product Colors
We know that many teams already have color standards.  Please send your pantone color codes with the design that you want them on and our design team will put your new uniform together. Remember this program is available only on our sublimated products.

Tahi has also matched 25 of the most popular team colors.  You can mix and match these 25 colors on Tahi’s Uniform Designer for our Lacrosse, Rugby, Softball & Baseball and Soccer uniforms.

However, for our sublimated products your color choices are not limited to these 25 there is a huge number of color options available to you.  By huge, we mean over 900 color choices from the pantone solid coated color system.
Here is a small selection of pantone colors to help you.

Color Matching
If you don’t have the details of your existing team colors, we can help.  Our design team can work with you to find the right match to an existing color.  We will make suggestions for you but, ultimately, the final decision is yours to make.

Quick Guide to Selecting Colors
- You are looking at colors on a computer screen, depending on monitor and settings they could look very different when printed.
- Each color is part of a color range.  For example, some deep blues may have a purple base and when seen in sunlight could look purple/blue. You can ask us the base of colors that you are looking at, to help you make the right choice.
- If you have any questions on colors, contact the Tahi design team who are here to help.