Adding Logos

Most of Tahi’s team uniforms use the sublimation process that prints logos directly into the fabric. This means you can have as many logos on your uniform as you would like. This is great for giving your sponsors some much needed exposure.

On our sublimated products you can have as many logos as you like included in the price. For our non-sublimated products we offer print and embroidery options for putting logos, names and numbers on. There are extra charges for this so please contact us at

Logo Positions We can print your logo or that of your sponsors anywhere you can fit it on the uniform. Here are our recommended logo positions:

Logo/Graphics Submission Guidelines
In order to make sure the logos look great we do have some requirements. We accept the following formats for the printing process:
• Illustrator or similar vector file
• JPEG (300 DPI or greater)
• TIFF (300 DPI or greater)

Tahi Logo Repair
At Tahi we fundamentally believe that your uniform should look its best and thats why we ask you to provide such high quality logo files - so they print brilliantly. We do however know that sometimes that is just not possible. That’s why we offer a logo repair service.

This service is offered to repair low resolution logos. This service is available for a one time fee of US$45 per logo. We will provide you with a vector file of your logo that can be used on teamwear, web site and print applications.

For more information, contact us at